In January 2017 we had our first annual Faith Promise Missions Conference. During our Conference we had 7 missionary families in attendance. The Lord blessed and we were able to raise an amount which exceeded our goal. Praise the Lord we were able to take on 7 additional missionary families for monthly support. We look forward to greater things in the future. Our passion for souls is even stronger because of the challenging messages that we heard throughout the week. 

Our desire at FIBC is to give glory and honour to Jesus Christ and the Word of God. One way of doing this is through Faith Promise Missions. Our goal is to not only reach our local community but to help others go into the entire world and preach the gospel.

We count it an honor to be able to help and support missionaries all over the world through Faith Promise Missions.


Bro. Lee Watts

God and Country USA

Bro. Walt Selman

Mexico City, Mexico

Bro. Jay Stokes


Bro. Wes Neill


Bro. Jamie Homan

Rome, Italy